9 Photos of the Secret Service Looking Badass

White House Photographer Pete Souza and his team are known for capturing some of the most remarkable moments of our time. They watch as major events stand on the welcome mat of history and with skill and talent, they bring to us the art of one brief moment. I watch the WH Flickr feed with a kind of childlike wide-eyed awe each time they upload new sets. But here’s a collection you’ll find funny. I guess Souza is taking a little enjoyment capturing some of these Secret Service agents.  Here are some of the best:


Everything is more badass in black and white.

white house secret service


Look casual? I can do casual.



Never let ‘em see you sweat.



I’m gonna open the hell outa that door.



This guy has a serious “Game Face.”



This ain’t no kickline.


These guys have seen the Hitchcock movie North by Northwest.



Bad guys can hide anywhere



BONUS: This is the shooting range for the Secret Service… I don’t know about you but I can barely see the targets. That’s hard core.


h/t The White House Photostream



Here’s What Happened When the White House Let Me Loose With my Camera

The White House is a fortress. Despite a few unfortunate incidents, you don’t get to just pop by for pie and ice cream with VP Biden. Sadly. There is heavy security and for the last 40 years photography on tours has not allowed (except on the Christmas tours).

That made it even more special that Instagram photographers were allowed into the White House for a very special, all access, tour that let us take photos of whatever we want. And yes, yours truly was allowed to tag along.

I’m going to reveal something super that’s a wee bit nerdy about myself. I’m not that starstruck by politicians anymore. Once you’ve done a state-wide office holder’s laundry and folded her underpants, heard a Congresswoman belch louder than your teenage step-brother, or had a U.S. Senator look at your chest instead of your eyes — the thrill is gone.

What continues to inspire me are the artists that work among the political elite in the Beltway. I’m talking about the amazing photographers and photojournalists you see wearing cameras on shoulders, carrying backpacks despite being over 40, and crouching or climbing to capture the perfect shot. These people are putting their own artistic touch on one brief moment in time as it is wiping it’s feet on the welcome mat of history.

White House photographer Pete Souza and his team all do a job that captures something truly remarkable and I am in constant admiration. Truly, embarrassing awe that finds a way to eclipse my old DC cynicism.

By far my favorite was the painting of First Lady Jacquelyn Kennedy with the pink orchids on the table.

It was truly an honor to get to wonder around the White House with Pete Souza:

Here are a few more shots from the adventure: