So Women Are Obscene but Men Aren’t?

So… I’ll admit that when we saw this story last week we laughed about it and rolled our eyes at yet another example of an overly prudish society that is clearly too uncomfortable with sex and sexuality to even conceive of visualizing someone’s lady parts. But then The Daily Show brought a whole new different understanding to this issue (brought to you by Decades of Deep Sexual Repression).

The festival that Stewart discusses is a reality. The Festival of the Steel Phallus is an actual thing. This is an actual excerpt from

According to legend, a demon would have unhealthy hidden in the vagina of a young lady, and with the use of his sharp teeth would have castrated two young men on their wedding night. Following this, a blacksmith carved an iron penis to break the teeth of this demon. This object, ultimately, became an object of worship. This is why we celebrate the Kanamara Matsuri in Kawasaki every year.

Why can’t we all just value each other …. genitals and all? And for once, not diminish one while glorifying another? It’s a silly fantasy, I know. Maybe it can be a reality before I die.


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