The importance of the every-day protest: Mike Pence being booed edition

On a Friday night, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence took a break from leading Donald Trump’s transition team and went to see the critically claimed and Tony Award-winning musical “Hamilton” on Broadway.

Apparently, when Pence entered the theatre for the show, he was booed by a lot of people, and the internet is loving it. Many people were shocked last week when Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, and they are not happy about Pence being in the White House either. The result is what happened in the video above.

You have to understand, Mike Pence is one of the least liked politicians in the country. In fact, his whole state hates him and was grateful to be rid of him. He caused far more harm than good that extended beyond hurting women, causing an HIV crisis and destroying the economy – all with his ideological governing. Since being elected as the VP, however, progressives have found little ways of reminding him that no one likes him.

This is one beautiful way. Neighborhoods in Northwest Washington are being flooded with pride flags and “Trust Women” signs and hopefully, his stay in Washington will continue to reveal that he’s not welcome.

For now, enjoy these boos.


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